November 05, 2003 — 00:46

Central File IO via Director?

Central Beta: What's really possible? is a (little bit grumpy) review of the state of Central today. It doesn't mention the Blast API which is an interesting feature Central offers over a browser or CD based host. However, this quote got me thinking…

The output of a Central app is mostly transient. The only way a user can take away some end result from their interaction is by a) committing information to memory b) copying and pasting text, or c) printing. Saving things in the Central cache or shared objects doesn't really count here, since the output is still locked inside Central and unavailable to other programs. Secondary outputs do exist in the form of web-based storage, or the transfer of data to another remote system (such as email, or a fax server), but these have niche appeal.

Can you read local shared objects through the Flash Xtra for Director? Is there an opportunity to load and save or at least back-up selected Central data via a Director-authored tool? It would be kludgy – for sure – but it could be an avenue.


  1. fyi, A Central app and Director app could communicate with each other via a Local Connection object.

    mike chambers

    Comment by mike chambers on November 14, 2003 04:26 PM