November 19, 2003 — 10:49

IM and AOL and Central

Macromedia and AOL have announced a partnership to integrate IM functionality into Central, and to promote Central on AOL. Short on details at the moment, but looks like the Central IM SDK will be released some time next year.

Infoworld: Macromedia, AOL bring IM capabilities to Central:

Alongside the Developer Release of Macromedia Central announced Wednesday, Macromedia also announced the availability of a software development kit (SDK) for Central. The SDK includes user-interface components, a debug panel, Flash authoring templates, source code for sample applications, libraries of application graphics and icons, documentation for APIs, and APIs and other development tools for AOL's IM platform, the company said.

MacCentral has more:

[…] the full scope of the instant messaging SDK hasn't been determined yet, so it's too soon to tell how much AIM and ICQ functionality Central instant messaging-based software will have. Macromedia plans to release the SDK to developers in the first half of 2004, however.

(My emphasis)

Update: Macromedia press release.