November 24, 2003 — 19:34

Short term to long term process

Theodore Patrick posted a round-up of the recent MAX 2003 conference which includes this perceptive snippet on Central:

Central's value is subtle and is very easy to miss. Unlike internet applications, parts of Central apps run all the time vs running only when I visit the web page. With all other internet applications, I must do something to use them (Remember the service, Enter URL, Use application), with Central the information comes to me with no effort. Mike explained that after a long period of use, Central provides much greater value in that agents provide updated information and alert you to changes in data. Considering that I missed the big reason Central was important, I am sure there are many still pondering its development. Central is important as it shifts execution of short term (browser) applications to a long term process on your local machine combined with seamless installation and updating.