November 25, 2003 — 10:31

Toggle Toolbar Discoverability (and MacOS X Menu Layout)

Dave Yang comments on his first impressions of Central, with a focus on the useability of the Central UI, including this comment on the toolbar:

It'd be nice if there is a smaller (scaled down) version of the toolbar icons. Right now it is either big icons or no toolbar.

I think I prefer using Central without the toolbar, it looks a lot cleaner. But until now I didn't notice you could actually hide the Toolbar! I'm a Mac user, I guess there's two possible reasons this eluded me:

  1. In most Mac applications, the show/hide toolbar command is in the View menu. In Central it's under the Window menu
  2. There's no toggle toolbar button in the titlebar of the window

Actually, now I look at the menu layout, on the Mac I think there are strong arguments for: