December 02, 2003 — 10:41

Developer Chat 0.90

There's a new version of Developer Chat available, get it from Mike Chambers' Weblog. The UI has been tidied-up and there's a bundle of new features and improvements. The new User Profile support looks interesting, you can use Central's built-in Blast feature to subscribe to participants 'blogs in the BlogReader application. Blast is a standardised method of sharing data between separate applications, slightly similar to Services in OS X.

It may be prudent to wait a day or two before installing, on my installation the type-in field seems stuck in an inactive state, so I can't send messages. I also experienced a few cosmetic issues with the preferences dialog and ComboBox menus in the Pod.

For the curious, there's a screenshot and a scoop on future features at CentralMX.


  1. What version of Central are you running?

    mike chambers

    Comment by mike chambers on December 2, 2003 08:12 PM

  2. System: MacOS X 10.3.1
    About Box: Developer Release
    Get Info Version: 6.1r80

    Comment by Tim on December 2, 2003 09:12 PM

  3. A re-install of Central has fixed it.

    Comment by Tim on December 3, 2003 11:00 AM