December 03, 2003 — 18:17

Command Line Compilation

Ethan Malasky's Command-line Flash Compilation with Ant now works on OS X. If you've got fink you can download and install Ant by typing sudo apt-get install ant. I tried it today and it looks like a real timesaver.

Update: Ethan's work has been extended and tweaked to become the Flash Ant (the software package), which now lives at Flash Ant (the weblog).

The Flash Ant blog gets its name from, and is the home of, the Flash Ant package for Apache Ant and Flash MX 2004 Professional. Flash Ant includes an Apache Ant task for Flash for integrating Flash into the build process of Rich Internet Applications. We will continue to actively maintain and support Flash Ant as well as any tools and utilities we may release in the future.