December 04, 2003 — 23:19

Central App Modders

Eric Dolecki has posted an interface mock-up of Central on MacOS X using a Drawer to display a list of applications — maybe a Source List would be a better candidate? Presumably the idea would be to replace the toolbar — which (on OS X) should have a toggle toolbar button in the titlebar!

[via Central MX]


  1. I agree 100% the Central UI really needs more work in regards to information on screen and real-estate usage. First glance at Central and the whole Apps in the topbar, left me feeling a little un-easy as i could see this getting to be a pain and heavily congested.

    I love Mac Development guidelines and the overall UI of a mac, because its smooth, works and quite frankly tucks UI controls nicely away while still making them available when needed.

    *cough* car`n Macromedia, adopt erics & co's way of thinking :)

    Comment by Scott Barnes on December 5, 2003 02:18 AM

  2. As a developer consistency accross platforms is the key, I guess support staff may see the same benefit. For me, the Central UI components are "good enough" compared to native widgets, given everything looks the same without rebuilding on Mac and Windows. Same goes for the Toolbar launcher, it's consistent accross platforms and "good enough".

    I guess the development of the Central UI faced similar challenges to that of Mozilla. Eventually I think the plan is to get Central running wherever Flash runs — I think it's better there isn't too much OS specific innovation in the UI at this stage (although it's fun to speculate!)

    Comment by Tim on December 5, 2003 12:19 PM

  3. I missed Eric's original wish (no permalink):

    many people discuss the top bar in central that houses the central logo, app icons, etc. it would be super nice to somehow put the app icons into a drawer. that way they can be tucked away without interfering and using up valuable screen real estate. and many other apps use this built in mac ui.

    Comment by Tim on December 5, 2003 01:37 PM

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