December 10, 2003 — 15:22

Standalone Trace Panel for OS X

Mike Chambers has released a Standalone Central Trace Panel for OS X:

I have created an OS X version of my stand-alone Central Trace Panel. This basically allows you to run the Central Trace / Debug panel outside of the Flash IDE.

It's more useful than it sounds — the Central Debug Panel that ships with the SDK has a floating palette window-type, so whenever Flash isn't the frontmost application, the panel disappears. To watch the live trace output from Central, you had to run Central in the background. Now, you don't! What else is there to say? It works. Good job!

Sidenote: notice the subtle change in nomenclature? It's now a Trace Panel instead of a Debug Panel ;-)

Update: Version 1.0 has been released.

[via Central MX]