November 21, 2004 — 22:16

Source for XMPP Instant Messenger for Central

Sean Voisen has relesed the source for his XMPP/Jabber based instant messenger XMPP Instant Messenger for Central:

Back in February of this year, I started working on an XMPP/Jabber based instant messenger for Central 1.0. I worked on it for a good 3 months in whatever spare time I could afford, but then the project sort of died when other time commitments nudged their way into my life, and Macromedia started revamping their Central SDK and components in preparation for Central 1.5. The project, called XIFF Messenger, after the XIFF Library that powers it, has been going stale on my hard drive ever since. Considering the instant messenger works pretty damn well already, it’s kind of a shame.

So, in an effort to give it another chance, I’m releasing all the source code free to the community. Download it, play with it, tweak it … maybe you’ll find it useful. I’d love to see a real XMPP-based instant messenger for Central, but I don’t have the time or the dedication since I’ve started focusing on other things.

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